Youth on F.i.r.e.

We are having a great time with Teen Bible study every Friday at 6:00pm. Rehoboth House of Prayer's Youth on FUN, INSPIRATIONAL, RESPONSIVE and EXCITING is indeed on FIRE... see you this Friday... WE bring the FOOD, FUN and God's WORD and YOU bring the NOISE...

Rehoboth House of Prayer welcomes teens from ages thirteen (13) to nineteen (19) every Friday starting at 6pm where we explore the Bible and relevant and effective topics as seen through the eyes of teens. He host weekly outings, have discussions, fun games, and provide opportunities for sharing and gaining biblical principles. Through our youth bible study, God is doing a new thing in our teens in Odenton, Annapolis and surrounding areas.

We have more room for Community partners will you join or sponsor a event next month?

Teens our Youth

We want to thank ALL of our community partners for helping us provide an experience for ALL our youth.

1st, 2nd, & 4th Fridays of the Month: Odenton Sports Center

Odenton Sports Center

Every 1st, 2nd, and 4th Friday of the month we meet at Odenton Sports Center 8266 Lokus Road, Suite 105 Odenton, Maryland, 21113 starting at 6pm. We have food, games, activities, Bible Study, and sporting activities for our all our youth.

Sports, Games, Activities, Food and Training and more Sports.

1st Friday of the Month: Crossfit Training

Crossfit Training

Starting on the first Friday in August 2018 meet us at CrossFit Glen Burnie 8266 Lokus Rd Suite #101, Odenton, MD 21113 at 7:30pm for the healthy active fun that our youth enjoy.

We will meet in the multipurpose room at Odenton Sports Center from 6:00pm to 6:30pm to eat, activities, and then Bible Study. We will transition to CrossFit at 7:30pm

3rd Friday's of the Month: Annapolis Makerspace

Annapolis Makerspace

Starting on the third Friday in August 2018 meet us at Annapolis Markerspace 2014 Renard Court Suite C Annapolis MD at 6pm for Food, Bible Study, and than Silicon Molding, Casting, Woodworking, Fabrication, Computers, Electronics and more.

Activities, Games, Training, Sports, Games, and more Games.

5th Friday's of the Month

Every month that has a 5th Friday we will choose between a movie, skating, bowling, Spa (Mani/Pedi), or something within the community that our teens will enjoy.

Our Bible study are designed to attract and retain our youth for the Glory of God. We are working to cause our teens to ask "What Must I Do To Be Save?

Yes - Free Food (Tacos, Pizza, and a bunch of other unhealthy food just for you.