#iConnect with Supportive Ministries

Our ministries.

#iConnect with these Ministries

#iConnect as we serve New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Deleware, and New Jersey and surrounding areas. We are available to you for your life's celebrations; including weddings, baby blessings (baptism), blessings, re-commitment ceremonies (vow renewal), memorials (funerals), and much, much more. As we rejoice with you we welcome you to join us. By faith we believe that your life will never be the same as we are the ministry that you have been searching for.


#iConnect with the Watch

You are welcome to join us for 1-hour prayer on Monday evenings

#iConnect is built on the foundation of communication with God. Within our Intercessory prayer time we petition God to prepare the community for His great work.  We pray for those who have chosen to serve the community, those who are in the communities we serve, and those that are in need of a healing, deliverance, comfort, salvation, fellowship, and love.

Men's Bible Study

#iConnect with POWER-UP

A Men's Ministry of helps Developing men of distinction

#iConnect POWER-UP is a network of Kingdom minded men that are empowering, equipping, discipling and mentoring individuals for the present and future generation.

Woman's Bible Study

#iConnect with The Heart of A Woman

Woman's Bible Study: The Heart of A Woman

#iConnect Women's Bible Study covers a multitude of subjects pertaining to the heart of a woman. We offer a place of encouragement for life's challenges. We encourage you to bring your questions, problems and life's stories. Let's journey through "this thing" called life together as we talk about God and his faithfulness.

Girl Talk Bible Study

#iConnect with Girl Talk

Girls Bible Study from 14-18 years

#iConnect Girls Bible Study that covers a multitude of subjects for young woman where they can express themselves in relation to biblical principles for real-life situations. We encourage you to bring your questions, problems and life's stories.


#iConnect with in Fellowship

Come fellowship with us

All are welcome to come and eat with us with our family and friends. You never know what we are going to have so bring your appetite as we dine together.

Teens Bible Study

#iConnect with the Teens Bible Study

A weekly bible study exploring God's word

#iConnect with Youth on F.I.R.E as we welcome teens from ages 13 to 19 years old to explore relevant and effective topics as seen through the eyes of teenagers. Weekly opportunities to share and gain biblical principles through outings, discussions, and games.

Kids Church

#iConnect with Kidz Church

I Am Destined, Effective, Strong, Teachable, Intelligent, and Noble.... BUT LOUD ABOUT CHRIST

#iConnect Kids offers an eventful, active, and creative approach to teaching Biblical principles to children ages six to thirteen years old using music, games, fun, fun, fun.... We encourage the children to be loud about Christ.

Marriage Seminar

#iConnect in the Relationship Seminar

Single, Married or Engage?

Are you in need of direction? A strong marriage happens when the Husband, Wife and God come together. We offer a seven-week series a Godly perspective on healing or establishing a long term healthy relationship. Our seminars are designed to build a stronger commitment and relationship with God and your spouse.

Leadership Traning

#iConnect in the Leadership Training

Helping You To Fulfill Your Destiny

What are your desires? Better yet; what is your destiny? What are you supposed to be doing in your life, in this season? This ministry has a mandate from God to help you by placing you in your destiny.

The Watch

Team of Prayer Warriors Praying for the community

Lunch With God

1-hour Lunch with God

Power UP

Network of Men Mentoring and Fellowshipping

Woman's Bible Study

The Life of Women

Girl Talk

Ages 14 to 18-years old

Mid-Week Fellowship

Bring your appetite! Come eat, network, and fellowship with us.

Youth on F.I.R.E.

Ages 13 to 18 years old

Children's Church

Ages 6 to 13 years old

Marriage Seminar

7-Sessions to help grow a stronger relationship

Leadership Training

Changing Perspectives